Surface Protection

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Kills Germs and Viruses

EPA & FDA-certified effectiveness on germs, bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi, and most importantly....Viruses.

Safe on Surfaces

Eco- & Family-friendly

Safe & Effective on wood, plastic, metal, tile, cloth, electronics, food-prep surfaces, porous & nonporous, and more.

Water-based formula, no harsh chemicals, odor-less, non-leaching, non-toxic, and no VOCs.  

A revolutionary disinfectant treatment that is applied with electrostatic cold-fog technology to ensure complete coverage on all surfaces.  This formula continues to destroy harmful microbes even after it dries. 

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Antimicrobial Defense

Forms a covalent bond on a broad range of surfaces to stop germs from penetrating and spreading.. 


Microbiostatic Action

Inhibits the growth and mutation of viruses and germs on a molecular level.  

90-day Protection

Durable and sustainable, this protective coating will endure even daily cleaning regimens. 

Once surfaces have been cleaned and disinfected, they are still susceptible to future contamination.

When combining our disinfectant treatment with this microbiostatic coating, surfaces are not only purged of existing germs but also protected against them.

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Safe on Skin

Creates a positively-charged layer on the skin, which breaks down and kills microbes. 


Moisturizes & Protects

Contains moisturizing and conditioning oils that help skin to not dry out and become damaged. 

Durable & Long-Lasting

A single application will last all day and will not come off when you wash your hands. (only as your skin sheds) 

The world’s most advanced hand sanitizer, providing long-lasting protection by forming an invisible, non-irritating, waterproof microbiotastic layer that inhibits the growth of bacteria. 

Alcohol-free, waterproof, odorless, and fast-drying.

One application per day is all you need. 

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Eco-Pro has been locally-owned and operated in Flagstaff for 10+ years, providing Northern Arizona with growing services over the years.
We strive hard to earn our reputation as a reliable and customer-conscience company.
We are extremely excited to offer our Surface Protection service to both residential and commercial customers and to be able to help provide solutions for a return to normal life. 
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